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COLLINS LIMITED brings together senior engineers from the highest levels of motorsport and automotive sectors internationally to provide engineering and simulation solutions. We provide partners and clients with services based on a deep understanding of problem domains and the influences upon them. Where possible we employ open source software, allowing us to deliver the most cost-effective engineering solutions for our clients.

The company is a dynamic enterprise with a management team that focuses on providing core engineering solutions based on twenty-five years of combined industry experience.






Bachelor of Motorsport Engineering (Honours)
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom

Jenner Collins is the founder and director of COLLINS Advanced Engineering, the group responsible for providing engineering solutions to the automotive and motorsport fields.

Jenner has extensive industry experience in design, research and manufacturing covering a diverse range of areas that include aerodynamics, hydraulics, mechanical and composite design, 3D scanning and printing, and computational fluid dynamics. Previously a head of Research and Development, he has valuable experience with staff and project management.

Jenner has held positions in various teams in elite motorsports competition, including Formula OneTM, Indycar and Le Mans protoypes. His skills have been honed under pressure during many years at leading motorsport companies including Williams F1, Jaguar F1 and Wirth Research.



Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Jilbruke Collins is the founder and director of COLLINS Scientific, the group responsible for delivering software and electronic engineering services centred around current and emerging technology.

Jilbruke has held positions at Cooper Tire leading the finite element analysis development team, and Wirth Research developing vehicle models for the company’s world-leading Driver-in-the-Loop simulator, now based at Honda Performance Development’s Indianapolis Technical Centre. His time at Cooper Tire culminated in developing a new and leading-edge CAD tool specific to the needs of tyre engineers.

Jilbruke’s skills extend beyond software and simulation into fields such as mechanical design, vehicle dynamics and electrical and electronic engineering. He has worked with classic and current race-bred Porsches in Sydney, where he gained experience in engine building.


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