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Whilst the motorsport and automotive industries form the COLLINS LIMITED cornerstones, the company’s broad service and consultancy base allow it freedom to supply many industries. Beyond motorsport and automotive the two key areas supplied are those in sport science and special projects.

The team at COLLINS LIMITED has motorsport experience across the spectrum from Formula One, Le Mans prototypes and Indycar to V8 supercars and national hillclimb championships. This knowledge and know-how is available to your team.

Whether the vehicle you are developing a high volume, Tier 1, or low volume sports car, COLLINS LIMITED can give you an advantage. We have a background in automotive development across aerodynamic simulation and testing to tyre and hybrid drive simulation.

If you are an individual athlete or part of a team, we use our racing experience to analyse your sport or event, equipment and human performance factors. We can develop a program to take you further, faster or higher.

For those unique projects without precedent, the company will use its experience across research and simulation to guide your project and team. By analysing the project in the initial phase, we can provide feedback which allows you to make the tough decisions of whether to further pursue the project or a change of plans is required.

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