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COLLINS LIMITED | Collins Limited Sponsored Athlete Achieves Fourth in World

August, 2015

Collins Limited sponsored cycle speedway rider Bobby McMillan placed fourth in the world individual final during the 2015 World Championship event, hosted in Wolverhampton, UK.

Competing in a 20-heat finals event against the final sixteen top international riders in the world, McMillan started with a tough draw, but with some strong riding clawed back three points in each of his final two heats to finish equal third with the reigning world champion. This led to a tie-breaking race in which he and the 2014 champion, Marcin Szymanski, battled for the final podium position. Bobby once again had a poor start position draw, and the reigning champ took off to an inevitable early lead and expertly left no passing opportunities all the way to the chequered flag. Poland’s Bartek Grabowsky took the 2015 crown in controversial style, with England’s star rider Chris Timms being disqualified.

Over the course of the month leading up to the World Championship event McMillan has had over 60 races. Included in the punishing schedule was the World Team Finals and the sport’s Ashes series where Australia and Great Britain maintain their historic rivalry. He was supported by an entourage from his home town in Adelaide, South Australia, including several up-and-coming junior riders all under Bobby’s coaching.

McMillan is Australia’s top rider in the sport, presently based in Coventry and training with the team from Great Britain. He competes in individual and team events representing both Australia and Coventry City.

Cycle Speedway sees riders battle for position in sometimes brutal sprints around an unsealed fine shale oval circuit. Team events pair two riders per team in strategic battles to the line, individual events being faster-paced affairs with track positioning into turns critical to retaining position. Events are influenced by a random draw of starting positions which throws an unbalanced mix of starting positions into the event before the first pedals turn.

The cycle equipment is a conventional fixed-speed rigid-frame bike, with flat platform pedals and no braking equipment permitted. Riders skilfully drift these machines through turns carrying impressive speed while maintaining strategic position amongst rivals.

Collins Limited supports McMillan’s racing with engineering and sport-science, both in bespoke cycle equipment and cycle set up, as well as race strategy analysis. We are proud to support this talented athlete.

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World Individual Final

Place Rider Nation Points
1 Bartek Grabowski POL 18 – winner on tie-break
2 Chris Timms GB 18
3 Marcin Szymanski POL 15 – winner on tie-break
4 Bobby McMillan AUS 15


World Team Final

Place Nation Points
1 Poland 47
2 England 39
3 Australia 37
4 Wales 37


Ashes Series

Round Venue Result
1 Horspath GB 95 – AUS 84
2 Newport GB 87 – AUS 88
3 Coventry GB 97 – AUS 80



COLLINS LIMITED | Testing: VUHL 05 Edition One at the MIRA Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel

June, 2015

In early April this year COLLINS LIMITED spent a week preparing the eye-catching VUHL 05 Edition One for a test at the MIRA Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel, located in Nuneaton, UK.

The car was run through a number of ride heights and yaw angles to gather various data streams: forces measured through the contact patches, surface pressures measured in forty six locations down the centreline of the car, along with surface and volume flow visualisations using wool tufts and smoke wand respectively.

COLLINS LIMITED is using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate the VUHL 05 in the MIRA wind tunnel and use the results for correlation – this will aid future aerodynamic development by VUHL.

The test was supported by Simon McBeath and reported in Racecar Engineering – you can find these in the May, June and July Aerobytes feature.

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COLLINS LIMITED | Testing: Racecar Engineering reports VUHL 05 Wind Tunnel Test

June, 2015

Simon McBeath supported COLLINS LIMITED leading up to and during the full scale wind tunnel test. In his Aerobytes feature, he reports his findings from the test and you can download all three articles below.

Racecar Engineering | Aerobytes: May, 2015
Racecar Engineering | Aerobytes: June, 2015
Racecar Engineering | Aerobytes: July, 2015

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