Our technology services


Our technology services

The COLLINS LIMITED competencies allow us to offer an essentially limitless combination of services, which fall under four headings: research, design, simulation and testing. These cover distinct periods of the engineering development cycle, with some overlap. These services can further be applied on-site using a consulting approach.

Skills under the Research heading cover our experience of early and exploratory development cycles and development planning. Design allows us to take a concept, the result of initial research, into an engineered part or system, optimised both for purpose and manufacture. This process factors in all necessary compromises while yielding the best possible result to meet your need.

Simulation and Testing can occur in isolation or in conjunction with other services provided. They are a valuable asset in all aspects of engineering from the speculative in research, to the assistance during detail design iterations. Testing services are provided to increase confidence in design work and to support simulation services. Testing can be applied in isolation during the evaluation of existing products or the safety and fitness of a part for continued service.

Consulting services are available across our whole range of technological experiences. We can plug the gap or take on whole projects, allowing you to best capitalise on our experience and focus your team on a goal with minimal unnecessary work.


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